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Highway 4, 80 south and Richmond Parkway: heading to the Up and Under

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The Up and Under Pub is located right before the Richmond Bridge on the 580. I took the 4 west from Concord and then the 80 south. This section of the 4 is a beautiful stretch of fast road with very few cops. The one place that you should watch out for cops is the Cummings Skyway exit area. This road always reminds me of a model railroad layout with the oak trees, rolling green hills and houses and farms tucked in here and there. On the return trip, the cops like to hang out in the slow section of the freeway right as you pass through Hercules. There is a Phillips 66 Plant there and big trucks can be pulling out into traffic. Just be aware on this stretch of road.

The 80 south sucks, but you can play a good game of Frogger on it. There can be a ton of traffic on this road heading into San Francisco. Just watch your time of day and if you are comfortable cutting traffic, this is the time to do it.

I personally love the Richmond Parkway. It is a blast to take this road and bypass the 80 altogether. I have been very fortunate in that I haven’t seen a cop on this road, not to say that they aren’t there. It is a fun road and speeds up to 110 can be reached. Just watch for the idiots in cages and be aware that there are a lot of stop lights and a few pot holes and railroad tracks. When going fast there is a tendency to hit every light wrong. The fun part of that is jumping off the line over and over. It’s great practice. It is fun to be able to have everyone catch up and grin at each other before doing it again.

Note: I do not recommend going over the speed limit ever. I am in no way liable if you get busted.